Valencia Road Trip

The Lessons, the Laughs, and the Landscapes


Hit the Ground Running

The planning for this trip started even before I (Mariah) arrived in Spain. It was necessary to plan that far in advance because it was to happen on my first weekend in Spain. Talk about hitting the ground running! This first trip was a mixture of lessons learned and stress, all mixed up with a great time with friends.  Actually, that sounds a lot like life in general. Ultimately the trip was a wonderful experience!

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A Day in the Life (Mariah)



So far in Spain, I am often asked, “So what do you do here while Brooks is at work?” Usually Brooks is translating that sentence for me, as almost everyone we’ve met speaks only Spanish. Of course, I would not expect anything different as I am the one living in a Spain, and should be able to communicate in their home language. However, this process of communicating in Spanish has been much more difficult than expected. Which leads to my first key event in my day.

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