Not Your Average Horseshoe-Visiting Horseshoe Bend, AZ



Horseshoe Bend is the enormous horseshoe shaped canyon in Page, Arizona. Visitors travel the world to see this curve in the ground because of its sheer beauty and incredible geological structure, or at least, to take stunning photos. I had never seen in it person and it was a bucket list item to visit this highly photographed spot.

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15 Ways to Enjoy the Phoenix Mountain Preserve

Photo Credit: Brooks Swigart, Dreaming Draw Recreation Area, part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserves.

Phoenix is home to amazing weather, growing job opportunities, popular attractions, beautiful scenery, and a never-ending list of enjoyable activities. It is no surprise that Phoenix gained more than 76,000 new residents in 2016, according to As Phoenix continues to grow, escaping from the hustle and bustle can seem hard without leaving the city. Fortunately, there are some not-so-hidden gems in Phoenix, which offer
solitude and adventure for all.

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