3 Must See Sites in Segovia


The Town of Segovia is located about 2 hours north of Madrid. This destination has an incredible history and views which are just as unbelievable. The beautiful cobblestone streets and stone buildings of this World Heritage Site point clearly to the its Roman history, evidenced best by massive aqueducts that loom over the city square.

The Cathedral


We are always amazed by the cathedrals in Europe, and Segovia’s Cathedral is no different. This Cathedral glows with 16th century stained glass and a unique Altarpiece. It is open to the public to walk around inside, just be respectful in this place as some may be praying or meeting, as generations have for hundreds of years.


The Castle: Alczar


To add to the enchanted history of Segovia, there is the Segovia Alczar, which is a large and majestic castle in the town. This castle was the inspiration of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, as stated by Walt Disney. Seeing the castle from the outskirts of the town offer an incredible view and lovely hike up to the back side of the castle.   Approaching Alzazar from the main streets, you will see the castle tower over you, as the moat below and large bridges welcome you amorously. Tours are available for a fee, but a visit to this castle built during the period of Enlightenment is worth a visit.


The Aqueducts

Perhaps the most outstanding (literally and figuratively) part of Segovia is the Roman Aqueducts. The Aqueduct system was built under Roman rule during the 1st century A.D. and it supplied the town with water until the 20th century. This impressive structure is made from 166 arches that stretches for more than 17 kilometers long and is held together by the forces of gravity; there is no mortar used in between the massive stones. The local legend of the origin of the aqueducts explains their construction which involves a deal with the devil. The tale states that a girl sold her soul to the devil in order to allow water to reach her house before the sun rose.  Some believe that he left his finger(or claw) prints in the massive stones, which all have small indents in them, exactly in the middle. When looking at the massive structure, the legend seems more believable than just sheer manpower building the aqueduct, especially considering that it was done over one thousand years ago.


There are many legends about Segovia, such as the town being established by the son of Noah, or Hercules. It is most likely that these legends are formed from the cities natural characteristic of being so mysterious looking. We may never know the complete history of Segovia, but we sure know it is an incredible destination in Spain, well worth visiting.

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