Chulilla: Caliza, Tufa, and Turia

Over 100 feet off the ground, hanging onto a massive stalactite, my view of the canyon and the river Turia is unparalleled.  Fortunately the trusty belayer on the other end of the hot pink rope slowly lets me down as I shake out my sore muscles and enjoy the gorgeous vista.  While tufa (huge calcium carbonate tubelike structures) isn’t quite exactly a stalactite, they are close cousins, and we found plenty of them to climb on in Chulilla.

Situated just a hop-skip away from the coastal city of Valencia, Chulilla is a small town nestled up to massive walls that wind their way along the edge of the river Turia.  While the pueblo seems like it has remained relatively unchanged for decades, the surrounding area is slowly becoming a mecca for climbers.  The massive limestone walls and their unique features call rock climbers from around the world to come and test their skills.  While visiting we saw visitors from Germany, England, the Czech Republic, and of course, we represented western hemisphere.

The idea for the trip was conceived by a friend from Phoenix who loves all things rock climbing, and we were quick to join in on his adventure.  We were blessed to spend the weekend climbing, enjoying the views, and relaxing in the cozy town.  Friendly shop owners filled us in on a local food combination and we ate well on homemade fares.  I’m sure that Chulilla will grow in popularity for its beauty as well as unrivaled climbing routes…and I am sure that we will return soon!

Chulilla, with its back to a fortress wall.

The pueblo from one of the many hiking paths that surround it.

Kevin ticking off several climbs pre-lunch break.

Approaching a popular climbing sector

Almost unending limestone walls on all sides.

Good views, and post climb smiles.

Kevin getting on his first tufa laden route of the day.

Massive arm-bar rest move.


Preparing for “Long Dong Jhon” 6b+

2 bolts into the 40m route.

So long and farewell, Chulilla.  We will be back!

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