How to Make a Bike Date Work

I was not always a believer in biking to a romantic date with Brooks. It took many dates via two wheels for me to appreciate how fun they can be. Now, after learning a few important lessons, some of our most memorable dates include bicycle transportation. Here’s why we love bike-dates and how you can make them work for you too!

Be Prepared

Tell your significant before hand that you are planning a bike ride as a date, or as transportation to and from one. It’s important for them to prepare themselves (mentally as well as with proper attire).

Check the weather as well to insure rain won’t put a damper on the day!

You Can Fix It

Inevitably there will be a time where your tires become flat or a chain comes off.  Knowing how to solve a mechanical issue on the fly will get you back on the road (and also impress your date).  Be prepared for the most common bike problems by having these packed with you, and knowing how to use them.

  • Inner tube or patch
  • Pump (if your date brings their own bike, check to make sure the valve on your pump matches the valve type on their tubes)
  • Multi-tool with at least a set of hex wrenches
  • Tire lever
  • Rubber or plastic glove (these are “handy” for keeping grease off yourself and your potential nicer date clothes when working on a bike)
  • A wrench (if needed to get a wheel off a bike, although most bikes use tool-free quick-release systems)

Know it’s Okay to Take Breaks

Dates bring about some natural expectations and emotions, often unintended and unspoken, which can cause some tension. When adding the extra element of biking to your date, remember to be encouraging to each other and kind. Taking a break is completely fine on a bike date. After all, the point of the date is to spend time with that person, not to set a new land speed record.  Sometimes the unplanned pit-stops along the way offer great views or chances to sit and talk.  In fact, slowing down and stopping every once in a while may be the recipe for a great time for all.

For example, several years ago, Brooks and I went for a bike ride out in the Smokey Mountains.  Our path made a huge loop around a beautiful meadow, and the trail wove in and out of pine tree thickets.  My husband, ever the thrill seeker, bombed down a downhill section at top speed.  Meanwhile, I slowly meandered down a less directly-plummeting path.  We both met up at the bottom, and he was shocked to hear that I had, along with other hikers and bikers, seen a big black bear out in the woods. For my sake, I probably should have taken the quickest path away from the bear, but Brooks likes to tell that story as a lesson on the value of taking a slower path.

Bring Water and Snacks

Water and snacks fall under the category of being prepared, however, it is super important for the success of the bike ride. The first few bike dates might seem exhausting, so bringing along water and snacks is a good way to break up the ride and avoid any h-angriness.

Choose Your Own Adventure

A bike date can be as simple as going to a nearby coffee shop or restaurant, but on two wheels.  Any typical outing can be spiced up by changing your mode of transportation, and you both will likely enjoy the carefree and playful feel that comes with biking.  For us, biking often elicits memories of our childhood which is a fantastic talking point for your time together.

Alternatively, a bike ride can be a complete date in and of itself.  Cycling to a beautiful vista, overlook, scenic route, waterway, or through a historic part of town can be a great way to spend the afternoon.  Add in a picnic-pitstop and “boom,” your outing will be one for the books.

Mix it Up

Add some enjoyable and whimsical variety to your outing by thinking outside the box.  Bring along a portable speaker for the bike ride. Show up to the date with matching helmets or vests.  Be creative and have fun!

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