Downtown Madrid for the Outdoorsy Tourist

Madrid is full of incredible buildings, museums, foods, parks, and much more. It is no surprise that so many people enjoy being in downtown Madrid. However, for us nature lovers, a day in the hustle and bustle of the city can be exhausting. After spending many days in downtown Madrid, we’ve found the most enjoyable times consisted of outdoor elements. For the fellow outdoor loving tourist, here are some of our favorite outdoorsy things to do in downtown Madrid.


When souvenir shopping, don’t forget yourself! Some of the best souvenirs are pieces of gear. At the sporting goods and outdoors stores in Madrid, you will find European brands and guidebooks of the most popular wilderness preserves and parks in Spain.  Below are just a few outdoors stores in downtown Madrid. There are many stores that cater to the lovers of sports and the outdoors, so if you have time to spare in the city, search on your map for the one nearest to you.

1. Decathlon

Decathlon is our favorite outdoors store, which we wish was available in Phoenix. Until it is, we are stocking up on items while in Spain. At the moment, we visit this store about once a week, and it seems we find something new each time. It’s like the IKEA of athletic gear.

Calle de Fuencarral, 45, 28004 Madrid-  Closest Metro Station: Chueca
Decathlons are literally all over the city of Madrid


2. Deportes Moya

Deportes Moya is not as vast or inexpensive as Decathlon, but it is pretty close. The best part of this store is its proximity to the beautiful Retiro Park.

Avenida del Mediterráneo, 26- Closest Metro Station: Retiro

3. The Mountain Group
mountian group

The Mountain Group has high-end gear and prices, but it is set in a great location for cheep and diverse food. Grab a drink or meal in Lavapies and stop in this store to look around while in the area.

Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores, 6 – Closest Metro Station: Lavapiés y Embajadores

4. Makalu


This smaller sports store is also located in the Lavapies area. Makalu has a reputation for having a helpful and informed staff.

Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores, 2 – Closest Metro Station: Lavapiés y Embajadores


Cuylas is a large outdoors store as a lot to offer. They specifically carry a variety of ski gear.

Calle de Hermosilla, 75 – Closest Metro Station: Salamanca

Visit a Park

For a large city, we were blown away by the number of parks in Madrid. For a complete list, check out our article, Seeing Green: Our Favorite Parks in Madrid. Most of the parks on the list allow hiking, dog walking, picnics, bike and scooter rentals.

Climb at a Rock Gym

Not to be confused to the popular gym named “Rock Gym” there are several rock-climbing gyms in Madrid. Rock climbing is a perfect way to escape the summer heat and get a fun workout in for a couple hours. Each of the gyms below are different in their layout and routes, but all offer an exciting afternoon of climbing in the city.

Boulder Madrid

from the bouldermadrid website
photo from

Boulder Madrid is dedicated to helping their visitors improve their bouldering skills. Even if you are visiting for the day, the staff will encourage and support you while you climb.

7 euros for a day pass
Calle del Hachero, 12, 28053 Madrid- Closest metro stop: Nueva Numancia

The Urban Monkey

photo from

The Urban Monkey is divided into six different rooms across two floors. Bouldering areas, ropes wall, and training facilities are available as well as highly rated lessons and classes.

9.50 euros for a day pass  

C/ Tarragona, 8, 28045 Madrid –  Closets metro stop: Palos de la Frontera


Roc 30
photo from

This rock-climbing community center is managed by the Madrilenian Mountaineering Federation through the Madrileña High Mountain School. Because of its popularity and the friendliness of the members, you will most likely meet someone to climb with at this gym.

8 euros for a day pass

Avenida del Manzanares, 106, 28019 Madrid ( view map )  –  Closet metro station : Marqués de Vadillo

We would love to hear about your favorite outdoorsy activity in Madrid! Do you have a favorite outdoors store? Have you found a fun and adventurous activity in the city? Share your experience in the comments below.

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