Amazing Albarracín

History literally flows from the walls of Albarracín. Ancient cathedrals, rock paintings, stone towers, narrow alleys and bridges are all frozen in the Middle Ages. Albarracín is a historic and breathtaking town that stands out for its sites, solitude and stories.

The town is listed as one of Spain’s Monumentos Nacional , and signs at the city limits proudly show its designation as “one of the most beautiful sites in Spain”  The architecture and the name both hint at its ancient roots;  a dynasty started in Morocco spread all the way to this town, and ruled over it for centuries.

The nearby forest and its breathtaking views. 

The rock formations in this forest are out of this world. 

The trail leading up to the towering wall in the town. 


La Muralla (wall) de Albarracin.

The landscaping around the town square was equally as beautiful as the buildings. 


View from the narrow streets. 

Albarracín is just one of the Europe’s most quaint villages. Check out more of the most quaint villages in an article recently written for Must Do Travels. 

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