Palacio De Cristal, Madrid

The harmony of such fragile materials, combined with strong iron creates a breathtaking building known as the Crystal Palace in Madrid, and one of our favorite places to visit.

Visit the Parque del Buen Retiro, on any day and you will find people strolling the streets, running, biking, drinking coffee on cafe patios, and of course gazing at the glass walls of the Palacio De Cristal.

When translated the Palacio De Cristal’s name becomes Crystal Palace which is fitting for the transparent structure. The suns rays shine through the glass and reflect stunning light beams that amplify your view. During sunrise and sunset, if you are lucky, incoming sun rays can create a rainbow on the ground inside the palace.

Possibly even more fascinating is the history behind the structure. Built in 1887, the palace was constructed of glass and iron which is said to be inspired by the Crystal Palace in London. While both crystal palaces have several characteristic in common, they both are impressive in their construction. Both buildings were designed to be transported and reassembled easily. At the time, glass was the newest material to be used for large construction. Thus, the Crystal Palace stood as a symbol of modern times.

For another layer of art appreciation, seasonal exhibits organized by the Museo Reina Sofia are displayed inside the palace.The round glass pieces affixed to the columns (shown to the left) is an exhibit on display. Later, when we visited at Christmas, a different exhibit presented three mesh wire pieces each shaped into giant heads facing each other. The wire seemed almost invisible in the transparent room. You can read more about our Christmas day at the Crystal Palace here.

Nestled in Retiro park, visitors can come and go freely to appreciate the beauty of the architecture among the stunning elements of nature.

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