La Pedriza un Paraíso

Nestled in the foothills of the Guadarrama Mountain Range is a picturesque landscape ripe with opportunities for outdoor activities. This suburb location is known as La Pedriza, and it may be no coincidence that the Spanish word for stone (la piedra) is very similar.  Among the trees and typically snowcapped mountain tops, granite boulders cover the national park, and give La Pedriza the reputation of being the “Joshua Tree” of Spain.

We’ve made the short bus ride to La Pedriza on several occasions for hikes, picnics, rock climbing, and made new friends along the way. With each visit the park calls us back for more outdoor endeavors.  Here is a smattering of views and photos from our adventures in this nearby wonderland of granite.


The Wildlife

Visitors travel along the Manzanares River, past craggy hills, through valleys, and various water features as they journey through La Pedriza. We enjoy observing the wildlife, such as ox, vultures, foxes, and many storks. One of our favorite sights is of the giant stork nests balancing on top of the buildings in  Manzanares el Real(the town closest to La Pedriza.)


Water Features

Spaniards not only look to the Guadarrama Mountain Range for the scenic views, but also as a water supply to many rivers running off the mountain. The Manzanares River is one of the most distinguished of the rivers, which flows through La Pedriza and continues down to Madrid.

And a World of Outdoor Activities

Spotting a new friend on “La Veta Cuarza” -“The Quartz Vein”
Mariah Rides a Rocky Wave

Our friend Andy crosses the Manzanares River

Brooks Leading Placa #9

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