When the Stars Come Out in Salamanca

One of the world’s oldest functioning universities is just hours from Madrid, due north.  While the students were still on holiday, we took a trip with some friends to see what the sandstone city had in store.

We arrived in the daytime and toured the historic district that held several cathedrals, each one seemingly more massive than the last. Among the shadows of these towering steeples were school buildings, and classrooms that looked like they could have been part of a Harry Potter movie set.  Except, people actually attend classes here.

When night came, we thought our sightseeing was done, but we were happily wrong.  Thousands of lights all around the city illuminate the various landmarks and set a stark contrast between the buildings and the dark sky.  We doubled back and saw everything again, this time in a truly different light.

The main plaza where the graduation ceremonies take place every spring
Night lights on the Cathedral
UNESCO World Heritage Site

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