A Crystal Christmas

Celebrating Christmas in the shadow of one of the most photographed sites in Madrid brought a whole new meaning to the quote “Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing, but of reflection.” – Winston Churchill .

Sixty-degree weather, street performers, a picnic lunch, and the sun glistening through the Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace) was a beautiful way to spend Christmas Day 2018. We were certainly not the only ones with the desire to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Madrid on Christmas. The large Parque del Buen Retiro, (home to many monuments, including the Crystal Palace) had a steady stream of visitors, namely families, strolling  and enjoying the sites. However, the 19 century palace and the nature around it truly stole the show.


A Reflection of Natures Beauty 

When gazing up at this glass walled structure, I could not help but ponder what made the Crystal Palace so captivating. The one thing that stuck out to me was the reflections it created. Lights shine through the palace and in some places reflects off the glass to create a marvelous sight. Even more so, the glass walls accentuate the trees, water, and sky around it. We could not help to be inspired by the beauty of nature it reflected around it.


Celebrating Emmanuel 

Beautiful reflections can also be seen in people. We were inspired by the passion and performances of others displaying their talents in the park. We heard various songs played by many instruments, some fitting for the Christmas holiday, and others a little more obscure. One accordion player, stationed within earshot of our picnic spot, played the Macarena on a seemingly never-ending loop. Brooks and I both were  most impressed with a man who played the “glass harp”. The sound was incredible, and hard to believe the musician could use glasses to create such music. As we walked through the park, we heard music in almost every direction, adding another element of loveliness to the day.

This year, our celebration of Christ came in the form of walking around in nature, seeing people’s talents, eating our picnic (that Brooks cooked, wrapped, and surprised me with), sending messages of love to our family and friends, and simply sitting in the presence of God’s creation.

To read more about the Palacio de Cristal, click here.

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