Day of the Dead, Madrid

day of the dead bunting photo

Day of the Dead is a holiday that originated in Mexico which occurs from October 31-November 2 (or so).  During this holiday friends and family members are remembered and honored. While I am no expert, and I have not celebrated the holiday myself, I looked forward to partaking in the Day of the Dead festivities while in Spain. Little did I know that Spanish culture actually celebrates a different fall holiday.

The fall holiday in Spain is “All Saints Day” and it is similar to “Day of the Dead” in the sense that time is spend with family honoring those who passed away, but they are technically different holidays. We had the opportunity to partake in some of the holiday’s traditions, even thought we did not celebrate “All Saints Day” like most Spanish families. (You can read about our “All Saints Day” adventure here on the blog.)

I did not give up on my desire to observe Latin American Culture, while in a Spanish speaking country. In my limited time in the city of Madrid, I’ve noticed that there are many multi-cultural events. So, after some searching, I found a Day of the Dead celebration for Brooks and I to attend.

Honestly, the event seemed to be more of a huge party rather than a cultural experience. However, there were elaborate altars in honor of the deceased, as well as beautiful art on display. Here are some photos from our experience.


Day of the dead

day of the dead (2)

day of the dead photo

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