Not Your Average Horseshoe-Visiting Horseshoe Bend, AZ

Horseshoe Bend is the enormous horseshoe shaped canyon in Page, Arizona. Visitors travel the world to see this curve in the ground because of its sheer beauty and incredible geological structure, or at least, to take stunning photos. I had never seen in it person and it was a bucket list item to visit this highly photographed spot.

Luckily, Horseshoe Bend was directly on our way to our campsite in Page, so we stopped in for a quick look and several photos. It worked out perfectly that we arrived at sunset, even if that meant we had more of a crowd to compete with for a photo.


I highly recommend seeing Horseshoe Bend for yourself. When you do pack some of the items listed below. This packing list came in handy for our trip, and they may be helpful to you as well.

Shoes You can Walk In– The walk from the parking lot to the overlook is __ miles of sandy sloped ground. Walking shoes are recommended for the track. Do not worry about the photos, you can always bring an extra pair of shoes to change into, or crop your feet out of the photo.

Clothes that Can Withstand the Wind– High deserts are known for their brutal winds, and as Horseshoe Bend is located in the desert, it’s a good idea to plan your outfit accordingly. I made the mistake of wearing a skirt and hat, and both were tossed by the wind.

A Camera– Of course, a camera is a necessity for visiting this highly photographed spot! There will be several other photographers around(practically everyone is in a picture or taking one), but do not worry, there is plenty of space to get the photo of your dreams.

A Camera Bag or Backpack- With the high winds, we were grateful for our camera bag, which safely stored our cameral from falling as well as protected it from dust and debris in the air.

A Tripod- This is an item that we did not bring, and we wished we did. Tripods help keep your camera steady and make it easy to take a group photo.


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