Off the Coast of Ibiza, Formentera


West of the Iberian Peninsula lay the Balearic Islands, owned by Spain but enjoyed worldwide.  You probably have heard of Mallorca or Ibiza, 2 of the 4 isles, which are renowned for their resorts, pristine beaches, and nightlife.  However, our adventures on our most recent trip took us to the smallest of the islands, Formentera.

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La Pedriza un Paraíso


Nestled in the foothills of the Guadarrama Mountain Range is a picturesque landscape ripe with opportunities for outdoor activities. This suburb location is known as La Pedriza, and it may be no coincidence that the Spanish word for stone (la piedra) is very similar.  Among the trees and typically snowcapped mountain tops, granite boulders cover the national park, and give La Pedriza the reputation of being the “Joshua Tree” of Spain.
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A year teaching abroad presented the chance to explore the beautiful county of Spain. Read about our experiences, the delectable meats, rich cheeses, stunning architecture, and so much more here.  

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A close family friend welcomed us to Germany and the neighboring country of Austria for the holiday season. Read about our experience here.